Recapture Notifications

Recapture Notifications are often used to keep users engaged and increase the frequency and duration of their usage sessions. They include messages that inform users of new content, updates, or promotions. By sending these notifications, digital services encourage users to check their devices and return to the app or website. Recapture Notifications can be particularly effective at luring users back into the service when they are bored or idle. However, they can also be perceived as intrusive and annoying by users, especially if they are sent too frequently or without providing meaningful information.

Example: Duolingo

Duolingo regularly sends out mass push notifications that encourage users to get back on the app and continue learning. These Recapture Notifications are intended to urge users to accumulate more consecutive days of practice of a language, which results in them being on the platform more frequently. Additionally, like other social networks, Duolingo also sends notifications that inform users about the activities of their friends and other users on the platform, which can also prompt users to return to the app and engage with others.